• GREEKS: Taking control of our own lives

    A paper claims that male suicide rates in Greece have risen significantly. Austerity has turned Greece into a social battlefield. For some, it is a result of the tactics imposed by the “Troika”, the European Commission and the IMF. Job cuts, salary reductions and the violence imposed daily have taken their toll on the population. But in the name of solidarity, active citizens give a helping had to those in need, starting from the suffering healthcare. In a free clinic a doctor preforms [...]

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  • The Heirs of Genghis Khan

    Eight hundred years ago the man called Temujin, better known as Genghis Khan, the king of the universe, managed to create the largest empire ever known in the history of humanity. It all began in the year 1190 when Genghis Khan managed to put together different nomadic tribes of Mongolia in a single powerful army of 200,000 men. This and his undoubted military genius enabled him to conquer vast territories stretching from the Pacific to the heart of Europe, and [...]

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  • Thorium: An Energy Solution

    Thorium is readily available and can be turned into energy without generating transuranic wastes. Thorium’s capacity as nuclear fuel was discovered during WW II, but ignored because it was unsuitable for making bombs. A liquid-fluoride thorium reactor (LFTR) is the optimal approach for harvesting energy from Thorium, and has the potential to solve today’s energy/climate crisis. LFTR is a type of Thorium Molten Salt Reactor (Th-MSR). This video summarizes over 6 hours worth of thorium talks given by Kirk Sorensen [...]

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  • Mother: Caring for 7 Billion

    The type of world in which our ancestors lived for hundreds of thousands of years women probably had four to six children in a lifetime. Half of those children would die before they could reproduce. So the only thing we can be sure about in human population studies is that for the last 100,000 years, people on average, had two children to succeed them, or there would have been a population explosion a thousand years ago. In just the last [...]

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  • Beats by Dre – Brand analysis

    A group of talented and resourceful Imperial students make a fun brand analysis of Beats by Dre. This was the coursework for their branding module, on the MSc Strategic Marketing 2013/2014. What is Beats? Beats Electronics, LLC is a producer of audio products and equipment headquartered in Santa Monica, California. The company was founded by rapper and hip-hop producer Andre “Dr. Dre” Young and Interscope-Geffen-A&M Records chairman Jimmy Iovine and primarily produces products under the brand Beats by Dr. Dre. [...]

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  • Mysterious Origins of Man

    This documentary presents ancient artifacts that contradict the official historical perspective that mankind has advanced scientifically since the beginning of human history. It’s not necessarily a deliberate conspiracy in the sense that some people getting together in a smoke filled room and saying “we’re going to deceive people”. It’s something that happens automatically within the scientific community. So when a given piece of evidence disagrees with the predominant theory, then automatically people won’t talk about it, they won’t report it [...]

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Recent Videos

  • Akuntsu


    The Akuntsu are a small tribe indigenous to Rondonia, a stunning expanse of land located in the northwestern region of Brazil. This territory, once lush with rain forest, is now a shell of its former self thanks to widespread deforestation efforts, and the scattered tribes that populate the region have largely been uprooted or massacred in the process. The Akuntsu, a people which at one time numbered in the thousands, have now dwindled to just six remaining members. These natives [...]

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  • Private Armies

    Private Armies

    Private Armies gives viewers an inside look at the workings of private military firms, including those they employ, how they operate, and how they are funded. The audience is privy to the training regimens required for private security officials, from arms management to demolition derby-like vehicular maneuvers. The film opens in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. A common target for terrorist attacks it is also the main operating grounds for many private military companies. The filmmakers don bullet-proof vests and go for [...]

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  • Back to the Moon for Good

    Back to the Moon for Good

    Back to the Moon for Good reviews the overall timeline of moon exploration beginning in 1959 and carrying us through to present day. Tim Allen narrates this informative short documentary, comprised primarily of illustrative motion graphics that aid the viewer in imagining the moonscapes and missions being described. In the 1950s the United States found itself in competition with the Soviet Union to be at the forefront of space exploration; however, when the Apollo 17 mission returned to Earth in December [...]

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  • The Electric Comet

    The Electric Comet

    The third episode of the Symbols of an Alien Sky series, Electric Comet investigates the science of comets with a focus on the electrical behavior of the sun in comet creation, and the greater cosmic implications of these findings. Through the use of motion graphics, stock space photography, and a moody instrumental score the filmmakers dramatize their study, contrasting existing long-held views of comet science against the more recent electrical theory. While standard scientific belief to date has supported a “dirty snowball” hypothesis [...]

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  • Living amongst Gorillas

    Living amongst Gorillas

    Filmmaker Thomas Behrend has endured a perilous eight hour drive through the jungles of the Central African Republic to reach the habitat of 3,000 silverback Makumbas, a majestic and generally mild-mannered gorilla. Assisted by world renowned zoologist Angelique Todd, who is known as “The Gorilla Whisperer”, and a team of ingenious trackers, Behrend braves the elements and sets out to record the Makumba species in their natural environment. His journey of discovery is captured in The Jungle Adventure: Living amongst Gorillas, [...]

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  • The Planet of Life

    The Planet of Life

    The Planet of Life is a scientific documentary that explores the characteristics necessary for life as well as characteristics of life itself. Appearances from professors with prestigious university affiliations, and use of relevant graphics throughout feel appropriate for the style of documentary, and the information is free of opinion or apparent bias. However, at one point you might wonder whether or not the film’s creators are trying to get audiences to arrive at a particular point, specifically when they suggest that [...]

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  • ISIS: “Islamic” Extremism?

    ISIS: “Islamic” Extremism?

    For many throughout the world, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, otherwise known as ISIS, has come to represent the modern day boogeyman. Characterized by vicious acts of violence, forced conversions, kidnappings and beheadings, their campaign of terror is projected into our homes on a nightly basis via the news or other forms of media. But what is ISIS, how did they evolve, how do they operate, and to what extent do they accurately reflect the fundamentals of Islamic [...]

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  • Scientology: The Ex-Files

    Scientology: The Ex-Files

    Former rugby star Joe Reaiche was recruited into Scientology when he was just 19 years of age. He was hungry for any opportunity to realize his full potential, and found himself seduced by the religion’s promise  to deliver on that desire. Reaiche dedicated himself fully to the religion, and eventually married and raised a family within the church. Intensely driven, he quickly climbed the ranks of the organization, but his ascension came at a profound cost, both literally and figuratively. Reaiche [...]

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  • The Dew and the Sickle

    The Dew and the Sickle

    In the years between 1347-50 AD histories tells us that the Renaissance took place, however the Italian Renaissance was almost another experience all together according to at least a small group of Italian born, raised, and educated intellectuals, if this film is to be believed as representing a majority view of that group. The Dew and the Sickle strongly asserts that the Catholic Church’s response to those in need of answers and a cure during the black plague was to spread religious [...]

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  • The Digital Love Industry

    The Digital Love Industry

    Technology has altered the way we experience the world and each other, but at what cost? Case in point: the notion of sex in the realm of virtual reality. This emerging field serves as the tantalizing subject for a new documentary titled The Digital Love Industry. Produced by VICE Media and hosted by correspondent Jo Fuertes-Knight, the film takes us around the globe to explore the various technologies that harbor the potential to compliment (or endanger) the future of human intimacy. [...]

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  • The Age of Hubble

    The Age of Hubble

    What we know about ourselves as humans in time and space, the origins of our planet, and the origins of what may or may not turn out to be habitable solar systems forming here and now is largely based on information gathered by a fleet of highly technical telescopes, including the Hubble, which first started gathering data in 1990. While the planet Earth as a single data point can seem either limiting or vast depending on your view point, the [...]

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  • Interstellar Flight

    Interstellar Flight

    Alpha Centauri is a three-star solar system 4.37 light years from Earth, the nearest neighbors of our Sun. A planet has recently been detected in the system, which raises the questions of when and how we will make our first efforts to reach this planet, or some other (relatively) nearby planet, to expand the horizons of the human race.Interstellar Flight takes us through current theories of just how we are hypothesizing doing so. To date, 3841 planets in the near regions [...]

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